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Tractor Repair/Diesel Tractor - Starting in Gear


I returned from a trip recently and an associate of mine had a mishap.  He had run gas & diesel tractors in the past but was not aware that his Ford 6600 would start in gear & take off!
I am not that familar with this situation either and I was wondering other than being in the seat, having it in neutral if there is an after market device or some way to ensure it does not start in gear by someone that is not familiar with this tractor in the future(like myself).
He had started it several times from the non-entrance side but this one time apparently it was in gear.  Now he and I know.



Hi, Ted...well, other than putting on another switch on the dash, like an on/off toggle, this is a matter of basic tractor safety. And safety is of paramount importance. Tractor in neutral, and being firmly planted in the seat is just basic basic basic tractor safety. PLEASE follow that axiom!

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