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Tractor Repair/prime carborater on old farmall tractor


first off, i have very little knowledge about tractors, but i can follow directions. i have borrowed an old gas farmall tractor, and i cant get it started, the guy told me it is extremely cold blooded.i have put about 30 gal of gas in it. i turn the key, pull the choke all the way out, and push the button. it chugs and chugs but doesnt seem to get anywhere close to turning over. i try it about 3 times and it runs the battery down. the owner told me the battery was almost shot .i have tried it with the battery fully charged and still on the charger and it still ran battery down. i bought a new battery for it but havent installed it yet. i was wondering if u think priming the engine would help me? i was going to disconnect the hose that goes from the airfilter to the carborator and put a little gas in there, but the tractor is so old the hose is stuck firmly in, and it isnt in great shape im afraid to break it or not be able to get it back on. is there an easier way to prime the engine, would i be able to spray starter fluid, if so where do i spray it and is it something i must have 2 people to accomplish.or do u have another idea. thank you so much for the help and im very sorry i may not of used the correct terms, i am female and trying very hard to get this tractor started in this meiserable cold. ps the alternator doesnt work....explaining why the batteries dont recharge as it is running. would it be any different putting the new battery on

Tallyann, I recommend using starting fluid, but VERY little of it. Spray a 2 second spray into the air cleaner and immediately crank the engine. Once the engine starts, you should be OK, the fuel should be delivered to the carb OK....if you have any problems, contact me at my email,, and I will give you my phone number so I can walk you through it if need be. Make sure that your fuel filter is clean, and make sure your air filter is, too. We'll get this going for you!

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