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Tractor Repair/glow plug light does not go off after starting


I have a kubota L3010.  The glow plug light on the front panel does not go off after the tractor starts.  

Suggestions on what I do first to try and determine what is wrong?
how can I check to see if the glow plugs are on after the tractor starts?
From what I read seems like it could be the relay or controller board?
Is it ok to run the tractor until I get this fixed?

thank you

Hi eddie,I will be honest...Kubota tractors are no my specialty by any standard and I do not know the wiring schematics of that unit or where to locate the fuses,but all diesel engines no matter what make or model are pretty much the same so to speak.Glow plugs are only used for starting so if you can find the fuse you can pull it out after you get the unit running and do what ya have to until repaired,putting he fuse back just to start.If the light stays on I would say that it is a good indication that the glow plugs are staying on as well,which will damage the glow plugs in the not  so distant future if not all ready.If you have a test light and know where your glow plugs are you can test for power at them when the machine is running to verify if they are staying on but i would sat they are.It is possible that kubota has a warning mechanism that keeps the light on to tell you that they are NOT working as well...Most likely you have a relay that is not working properly,and to find it you probably need a schematic of the ,glow plug, system but if you know where your relays are they might be labeled and would be pretty easy to change as well as cheap.If the glow plugs have been kept on while you have been operating for too long there is a good chance one or more are burnt out.Does it still start he same?I hope this helps,good luck.Feel free to ask any more on the subject if ya like..

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