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Hi I have a 555d backhoe with a power reversing transmission. It seems to be stuck in reverse. Both shifter's are in neutral. Leave the power shifter in neutral and take the high low shifter and try to move it into any gear the tractor will try to move in reverse but the power shifter is still in neutral. This is wear it get a little wear for me. I put the gear shifter into any gear and move the power shifter into reverse tractor go's  in reverse just fine. When I move the power shifter into forward you fell the tractor go into gear but it feels like the brakes are on. If you gas it it will go forward but you can tell it is having a hard time. I have rebuilt the forward, reverse solenoid, and the valve they sit on. I even empty all transmission fluid out and ran it for a second it still wants to go in reverse. I'm out of ideal's thanks robert

This could be caused by several problems, but the one that comes to mind first and foremost is a broken transmission shaft. OR, bad hydraulic valving.......either way, it's bad news, since the tractor will have to have the trans dropped to inspect it and repair it....But first, inspect your shift linkage, make sure everything is moving as it should.......good luck! Make SURE your hydraulic pump is putting out the correct pressure!!!!!

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