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I have a 80's 1710 ford tractor and I was flushing the radiator out and shut it off now it wont try to start like it has no power getting to the switch but I tested the power and I have power on the neg side of the battery now

This particular symptom could be caused by a variety of problems, Johnny....First, clean you battery terminal completely, and make sure they are tight. Second, check your positive cable at the starter. If you have power there, you may have a flat spot on your starter OR your bendix is shot. I recommend turning the engine with a breaker bar and a socket on the crankshaft in case your starter is stuck.....tapping usually doesn't work, but if you can move the crank, you might get it unstuck...The third step would be to remove the starter and have it tested. But ONLY if you have power to the starter...CHECK YOUR FUSES. You have have a blown ignition fuse, OR a faulty ignition switch. Good luck!

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