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Hi, we have a Case Maxxum 140hp tractor and recently we've been getting an error code (2048) with a gear cog displayed on the dash followed by a exclamation mark warning light which stays on until the tractor is turned off. It seems to happen when we are using the hydraulics, front end loader, steering, etc. The front end loader creeps down very slightly then stops and also there is a long pause when  taking off when engaging 'forward' using the shuttle control. The tractor has done 7200 hours. Could it be the hydraulic pump that's causing this? low oil pressure maybe?


This is a common problem, Mathew. Usually, it's a matter of making sure that you have a good clean system....AND proper hydraulic levels. The Case Maxxum series is touchy about clean hydraulic delivery to the pump, and make sure you use exactly what Case recommends for fluid, since anything heavier will offend the system, for some reason. I advise you to change your hydraulic filter and fluid, make sure that the hydraulic fluid level WHILE RUNNING is at the optimum level (overfill is just as bad as underfill). If this doesn't solve the problem, check the hydraulic pressure output from several points in the redundant, check several times, and if there is a significant variation, you may have to have a pump rebuild...

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