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QUESTION: I have a 2594 case international I need to know the what the pressure readings suppose to be for the primer pump,piston pump(main pump), secondary pump and also how much pressure for the compensator thank you

ANSWER: Not being familiar with this tractor, I don't have an answer for you, Chad....but if you call the Case service dept., they will have that info readily available!

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QUESTION: We have new oil ,new filter, cone screens clean, charge pump is spinning but no pressure when tested with gauges

ANSWER: If you are getting a zero pressure reading at the primer pump, it is defective. Rebuild it (the cost-effective option) or purchase a new unit. Good luck! MAKE SURE that you have not accidentally turned a stopcock on the hydraulic line to the OFF position!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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QUESTION: Is there a pressure relief valve inside are outside the filter housing . If the charge pump spin how can it be defective

if you are NOT showing pressure, either the pump is NOT getting fluid delivered to the inflow side, OR the pump is defective....I believe the pressure relief valve is integrated into the unit, but again, I am not familiar with this particular model....I am giving a diagnosis based on experience with other units....

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