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I have a Farmall 560 with a Koyker K2 loader. The 560 had factory dual hydraulics with a 3rd lever for the fast hitch.

The lift hydraulics seem to be working fine but the bucket hydraulics have always been slow as long as I've had the tractor and today they stopped working properly.

In order to get the bucket to curl with a small load of dirt or rock the tractor must be revved up pretty high. Then as soon as you let off the bucket valve handle to return to the home position the bucket begins to uncurl. As the bucket is uncurling in the neutral position the hydraulic system will whine.

The lifting hydraulic system doesn't whine like the bucket system when in the neutral position.

If you get too big of a load of rock (not hardly any now) the bucket won't move at all.

Does this sound like a symptom of faulty seals in the bucket cylinders or a tractor hydraulic system problem.

The valve for the bucket never has seemed to have operated as well as the one for the lift.

Thank you very much for you time.

Well, the way you have described things is comprehensive's fairly obvious that the bucket cylinders are NOT faulty, since the odds of them failing at the same time are pretty small. The whine from the hydraulics is a very strong indicator that your hydraulic pump is bad, OR, your hydraulic system has a plug in it at some point. Check your hydraulic filter, and check for kinked lines, but this is a textbook case of a faulty hydraulic pump....check the pressure AT THE bet is that it will be weak and sporadic. I would, however, check the filter and replace it first, though, since a clogged filter will give you the same symptoms....
Another thing you might try is to switch the hydraulic hoses between valves. Many tractors are stronger in one hydraulic block than in another (Allis-Deutz is an excellent example)....if none of these solution help, please advise me, and I will be happy to further research this for you.

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