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Tractor Repair/IH-784 won't stay running.


Hi, My IH-784 died while bush hogging. It died the day before after I bush hogged for about an hour or so. This first time it was after I turned it off, it wouldn't turn back over after that. I got it running the next morning by spraying a little starter fluid in the air intake. Then after another two hours of cutting it died while cutting and won't start again. If I spray the started fluid in it, it will run but only as long as I keep spraying the fluid. The minute I stop spraying it, it just sputters down and dies. I've checked the seperator and it seems to be doing its job just fine. Please help. My tractor is sitting in the middle of the pasture right now.

OK, Drew, what you have here is probably a fueling problem, and the way it sounds, you either have a bad injector pump, dirty fuel lines/injectors, or a clog in the fuel line. Check your fuel lines where they exit the injector pump. They should be happily pressurized and allow plenty of fuel to pass...CHANGE FUEL. You may have some bad fuel, but it sure sounds like an injector pump problem.....good luck!

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