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I have a problem with the PTO. PTO wont engage. I have rebuilt the MCV, installed a new pump, rebuilt the clutch assy for the PTO, installed new sealing rings. Drained and filled with new hydraulic fluid, changed filter. The three point raises fine, the auxiliary remotes work, the steering works but is not as smooth as it should be. I installed a new pump because the flow meter said that the old pump was only pushing 8 GPM. I also Installed a new PTO valve and adjusted the PTO control linkage (as per manual all these have been done). I think the problem has to do with the flow divider, but the manual and parts diagram are very insufficient in these areas. The manual says if the flow divider is not working properly it should be fixed by renewing the parts. I can only find the spring and the plug, i cannot find a new valve anywhere.

Yes. You are correct...however, the flow divider is difficult to find parts for, period...I recommend that you try eBay, and barring that, go online for vintage parts....several businesses have sprung forth with obscure parts, and in some cases, a business (like Foley Engines) have taken over the design patents for out-of-business companies, such as Hoof governors.....good luck with your search...I will do some checking myself, and if I find one, I will send you the advised: this part may be pricey.Here's a good source for you.

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