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I have a massey ferguson 1660 struck I'm neutral.. All shifters are free.. But the dash screen reads   N and won't show a rabbit, turtle or snail and wrong move.. I need trouble siting answers

This is a question that will demand a lot of testing on your part, I'm afraid.....first, it COULD be a bad sensor. However, it is probably either low hydraulic pressure, OR you have a bad clutch pack. Start with the sensors and electronics FIRST. That is where the problem is, in my opinion.

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I can answer most questions about tractor repair and implement repair. I have 35 years experience in ranching/farming, and have worked on a variety of tractors and implements, from light to heavy. I do all my own mechanical work.


I have been in the ranching/farming field for 35+ years and have used MANY different types of equipment

I have an M.Sc. in Physics.

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