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3-Style wrote at 2008-07-27 04:20:32
I have had a similar problem. My symptoms made it appear as though I had a dead battery. The engine would give a lazy turn or two and then nothing. A new battery didn't change the symptoms, nor did charging the battery. I guessed after spending $40 on a new battery that the starter motor was worn out, $172 and tax later, my hunch proved correct.

Mark wrote at 2015-09-05 18:10:54
If it doesn't start after you clean all the connections and check your fuses there's a good chance it's in the starter. I have a John Deere LT155 and now a Toro Titan 5400 and have had problems with starters on both. After 1year I had to take the Toro starter apart and clean it and if you've never built a starter before it can be tricky. Corrosion builds up between the center capacitor and housing and causes it to stick. To fix this you need to remove the starter, find a table or work bench and dismantle it. Then take some 120 sandpaper (or close to that) and sand the corrosion off, then take a knife and clean the black stuff from the back of the center capacitor, it's from the brushes. Make sure everything's clean and dust free and reassemble it. I know that's a lot to do and I hope it doesn't come to that. Good luck!  

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