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When he created the Jesuits, Ignacius of Loyola stated this as one of the precepts of the order. "For the sake of unity, if the Church proclaim something black, though we perceive it to be white we shall proclaim it as black." Is that still an actionable precept of the order?

I am not sure that it is presently meaningful to speak of there still being anything of an existing "Jesuit order" at this time.  The last real Jesuit I knew of was Fr. Schell and he passed away some few years ago.  If any others still survive, their truly miniscule numbers coupled with a likely wide and distant geographical distribution renders the likelihood of there being any "Jesuit order" actively functioning as such virtually impossible.
The quote, in a somewhat fuller and more accurate form, actually reads like this "Thirteenth Rule. To be right in everything, we ought always to hold that the white which I see, is black, if the Hierarchical Church so decides it, believing that between Christ our Lord, the Bridegroom, and the Church, His Bride, there is the same Spirit which governs and directs us for the salvation of our souls. Because by the same Spirit and our Lord Who gave the ten Commandments, our holy Mother the Church is directed and governed."  Many critics of the Church have taken the statement (especially as misquoted) as evidence that the Catholic Church is not rational, or even anti-rational, as if the things we believe are only to be believed because we are told to believe them, and no matter how patently false they might be.
But from the whole quote, it becomes clear that this is a declaration of trust rather than a denial of rationality.  The Hierarchical Church, and principally the Pope, is by virtue of that specifically Petrine office, quite infallible in all matters of Faith and Morals, and furthermore can mandate no discipline which is destructive to either.  It is God that guarantees that with the same Divine Power and promise as that which guarantees the infallibility of Holy Scripture, for both are of men, albeit men moved and guided and appointed by the Holy Ghost.  It is not a claim that the Church ever did, or ever might, actually assert, as a matter of Faith, anything obviously contrary to reason.
Regrettably, it may well have been through this very saying that the destruction of the Jesuit order was brought about.  Not realizing that a great many former hierarchical members of the Church had actually divested themselves of any valid role in the Church Hierarchy through the instrumentality of Vatican II and their actions following, the Jesuit order really was given such (in fact unauthorized) orders from former members of the Catholic Hierarchy, now removed and corrupted, to believe that God is now to be best served by serving the Devil.  The Jesuits were then quite promptly transformed from a totally Catholic arch-conservative order to practically the main vanguard of liberalism, itself a clue missed by all at the time that all "the changes" and "the problems" were not merely the result of clownish priests, lax or weak bishops, or evil henchmen and handlers of "the Pope," but rather stemming directly from the man mistaken for a pope himself.
As for what some Novus Ordo group that may well still call themselves "Jesuits," with their spirituality and rule entirely changed, they have no real claim to being that Catholic order.  Such a quote as this (and taken in the anti-rational form misinterpreted from it by critics of the Faith and Church) may well very possibly be the only particle of similarity these Novus Ordo pseudo-Jesuits would have to the original Catholic order.

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