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Traditional Catholics/LOM Active Member's Participation in a Norvus Ordo Parish


Can an active member of the Legion of Mary, who chooses to be a Traditional Catholic, still participate in a Norvus Ordo Church's LOM praesidium?

If there is no traditional Catholic praesidium nearby (a common enough occurrence), membership in a Paesidium might be permitted providing it is clear that you are a traditional Catholic, where you go to Church, and if they are willing to count you as a member in the full sense (capable of holding an office, etc.).  The Legion was created by the Church, and therefore rightfully belongs to the Church (and not to the Novus Ordo), but you will also have to look to the members of this praesidium to see if they are genuinely Catholic-at-heart or mere modernists (unlikely but possible), as for example one I knew of in my time with such (before they removed me from all offices on account of my Catholicism) where the person would "sing" the rosary in "tongues" in all Protestant (?) Pentecostal manner.
But finally, it does not hurt to consult your traditional priest for his guidance on this, for he does have the authority to lay down whether you should permit yourself such an involvement or not.  I recommend an appointment with him to discuss this in detail, and to be ready in all humble submission to whatever his guidance would be.  But if he is OK with it, and if the Praesidium is OK with having a fully practicing Catholic with them, then I don't see why not.

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