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""Hello Sir
I find Christianity a beautiful and comforting religion. I have been brought up in the U.K, however my ancestry is Indian. I do not follow Christianity as a religion, however I have been strongly influenced by its Teachings stemming from childhood.

My question revolves on God, His Being and Triune, and His manifestation or appearance.
I have read that God is essentially Spirit, without a form or appearance, however He is known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If God is Spirit without form then is He not solely The Person of the Holy Spirit, as He is without form and fully God?

In trying to understand the Trinity, I find that accepting God as Spirit, without a form or gender as described  by my limited understanding, confuses the place of Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity in relation to the Father and the Son, are all three not essentially Spirit, what is the difference?

This question is a genuine attempt to understand the above, and is not meant to offend or cause argument.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to look at my question, I look forward to hearing your reply.""

I have been thinking about this for the past few days, trying to figure out some way to illustrate how it would be possible that three distinct yet infinite Persons, all spiritual (despite the carnal aspect of the One Incarnated as our Lord Jesus Christ), and yet distinct, yet again also united as one Being, one God.
Think of sound.  There is no shape or color or place to sound (per se), and yet the diversity of possible sounds is truly as great as the diversity of anything else infinite, though each sound could be finite.  Think of each of us as a single tone.  You have a tone, and so do I, and hopefully the tones can harmonize in some way.  Perhaps we can each adjust our tone, up or down, yet even the slightest different would render each tone distinct from another.  Now consider the Triune Deity as being like three tones, a tone for each Person of the Holy Trinity, distinct from each other, and yet also coordinated together such that they always harmonize perfectly together, and whenever any of them adjusts, the others adjust together, sustaining the perfect harmony at all times.  The tones of God make music, all of themselves without need of any other tones, but each of us is merely a tone which is not music of itself but can harmonize with the music of God if we so choose or disharmonize should we choose otherwise.
Another way I have to illustrate the Holy Ghost is with human relationships.  It is said in the Creed that the Holy Ghost proceeds from (both) the Father and the Son.  Picture any two people who are friends and know each other well.  Apart from each other, each is simply who he is in isolation, but when they are together each finds themselves doing and saying things that neither would have done if alone, as if the relationship between the two persons takes on something of a life of its own.  Now extend this by having the two persons be infinite in nature, and their relationship infinite in strength and closeness, such that this "life of the relationship" itself also has all the qualities of an infinite personage, indeed "proceeding" from the other two (and not from either one merely alone) and yet infinite as well.
I don't know how much either of these illustrations may help, and they are only illustrations, subject to the usual limitations of any attempt at analogy, and I am sorry for the delay in providing this answer, God bless!

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