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Hi. I'm a priestess of the pre-Christian Germanic spiritual folkway known as Odinism. In researching my faith and comparing it to others I've found monotheistic traditions to be rather harsh towards women, especially in regards to spiritual authority. Maybe it's just jarring to me as priestess is my chosen vocation , but I can't understand why women in monotheistic traditions aren't given the same spiritual authority we Heathen/Pagan women enjoy. Are women in monotheistic traditions considered of less worth or value? I'm sorry if I'm lumping all the monotheistic traditions together, I realize you can't speak for Jews or Muslims, but you all share a common ideology and Christianity is the most common monotheistic tradition I encounter.

It is improper to speak of men or women as being "more" or "less" than the other on account of gender.  But there is no denying that they are different, despite the vast array of activities that can be equally performed by either one, and might very well be, from one culture to another.
I take the archetype of the Holy Trinity as my understanding of the relation between a husband and a wife.  In the Holy Trinity, there are three divine Persons, all coequal, all co-eternal, all being God, and of the Godhead.  Yet the Son submits to the will of the Father ("Not my will, but yours"), and the Holy Ghost "proceeds" from both, going where sent by both.  Even in an ordinary organization, a business or club or nation or what have you, a person must obey their boss, but this in no way is meant to imply that the person is some inferior sort of creature in comparison to their boss.  It is only the role as subordinate within the scope of a "chain of command" which could be considered "inferior" to that "superior" role of the leader.
So when Biblical principles set a man to be the head of a family, it is not to define him as some superior or greater sort of being, but to assign to him a specific (leadership) role within the domestic "chain of command" or authority.  And with such a role comes a greater accountability and responsibility.  He is the one who first stands to be blamed for the failure of a family; the others can only be blamed insofar as the disobeyed him (apart from any sinful direction he might give).
The sacramental priesthood is meant to reside with men in the same sense that carrying and giving birth are meant to reside with women.  One might as well ask why it is that I as a man cannot carry and give birth to a child, something I would find quite interesting if only there were a legitimate way for that to happen.  To different persons there is apportioned different things they can and cannot do.  How many can live where floors are not dirt and water only obtained via a lengthy journey?  How many can ride in airplanes or command empires or climb high mountains?  Women most certainly can also have authority, for example a mother over her children, a teacher (e. g. nun) over the pupils in her care, or even of a Mother Superior over her religious order.  But there is no denying of the fact that the highest positions, of Priest, Bishop, Cardinal, and Pope, are quite specifically and exclusively reserved to men.  Why that is I really can't say for sure, but perhaps it follows from the Fatherhood of God and so forth.  So it's nothing "against" women, just the way things are and meant to be.
I don't know how much that helps, but I think it represents pretty much all that there is to be said.

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