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I need clarification on when someone dies, can they automatically go to heaven or do they have to wait for the Resurrection that will come?

After death comes the Judgment.  Each soul is judged by God right after death, a judgment between the soul and God alone.  At the end of time, the judgment of each is presented to all that all might know the reasons and wisdom of God's judgments.
There are three basic outcomes of the first of these two judgments, one being either will go to Heaven or else to Hell.  But those going to Heaven in almost all cases have at least some Purgatory to go through, though some saintly souls would skip this intermediate stage.
Now, all of this happens with them as non-corporeal beings (whatever that would be like - that, I must admit, I have no idea at all), until the end of time as we know it.  Then comes the resurrection in which our bodies are raised up.  Purgatory is done away with as anyone present therein at that time goes to Heaven directly, their stay in Purgatory completed.
With our bodies, we are either rewarded or punished.  If they be in Heaven (directly, or after completing their Purgatory stay) they will "see" God, though that must be directly from mind to mind or heart to heart.  Once having bodies (after the resurrection) they will have eyes even as the risen Christ had eyes and so forth, but as the Scripture states, "eye has not seen" what wonders God has laid up for humanity.
Hope this helps, God bless.

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