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I have often asked people who were Catholics before Vatican II whether they prefer the church now or then. In every case they have said 'now.' How can you explain this?

Depends on who you ask.  One big part of the problem is that the new religion really is much more convenient and easy.  It makes no challenging moral or personal demands on anyone, has reduced penitential exercises to a near-nullity, and lets you think anything you want to think, true or false, as meets your fancy.
One thing you won't find in the Novus Ordo is any truly great and heroic saints.  There are nice people of course, no different than can be found in any church you can think of, but that is not the same thing.
Another thing to consider is where you have been finding these people to ask.  If you find them at your local Novus Ordo outlet, then many of them really are there by choice, as many more than used to be know that the old Church still survives today (in traditional Catholic Parishes and Mass Centers), but they have already shown their preference by where they go.  Perhaps if you would ask people who go to real Catholic Masses and who remember the old days and which they prefer you might get a dramatically different answer.
One other thing to consider is that many of those who were around don't remember all that well, and are easily misled by those who exaggurate the supposed narrowness and crampedness of the old Church, and tell them every day how much better things are today.  But it's all just Orwellian newspeak.  It's just "Great news:  Choco-rations have gone up to 20 grams a week" when it had been 25 grams a week just previous.  Yes, that kind of psychological manipulation really works and that many people really are that stupid.  Yes, the new religion is easier, but so much of all of what religion itself is all about has been stripped out so that there really is no point in bothering to go.

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