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What is a traditional catholic? Is there a pope for the traditional catholics? Also is traditional just another word for tridentine mass and if so what is the tridentine mass? Is is just mass that is recited in Latin and if so why is it so important?

A traditional Catholic is exactly what would inevitably have simply been called a Catholic, pure and simple, in any former ages.
We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ founded a Church which believes certain things, practices certain things, adheres to certain morals, and worships God in certain ways, and that all of these ways have been always taught and carefully nailed down to the nth degree so that there can be no mistake as to what a Catholic believes or how they live and worship.
By every standard the Church has ever applied, or ever could, we are Catholics striving to remain in good standing with the Church, keeping honor before God and Man through the virtuous life that God empowers us to do with the graces imparted through the ministrations and sacraments of the Church.
We are simply Catholics, nothing more, nothing less, nothing other.
It is certain events of relatively recent history which have clouded the issue.  Ever since the Vatican came under new management in 1964, it has, to put it most bluntly, not been the real center and authoritative source for the Catholic Church it used to be up until that point in time.
The folks who took over are frankly just not Catholics at all.  There is a basic principle, namely that of "let the law of prayer determine the law of belief."  They have a different set of beliefs, and for that reason have introduced a different form of "worship" so that no one would mistake them for Catholics.  It is not merely a shift from Latin to the vernacular; the content and meaning of the prayers and actions performed have been substantially changed.
Unfortunately, they have not bothered to replace the placard on the church building they stole from us, which still say "Catholic Church" on them.  This has confused a lot of people, causing them to suppose that Catholicism today is a different religion than it used to be.  Well, it certainly IS a different religion being practiced in nearly all of those former Catholic Church buildings, that's for sure!  Worse still, this refusal on their part is not merely some sort of neglect, but in fact a deliberate attempt at identity theft.  They just walked off with 99.9 percent of our people, our priests and bishops, our buildings and other material resources, our sacred relics and shrines and grottos, and an immense reputation that God has long built up through us whom He empowered with His divine graces.
You can see the evidence for the change in any older catechism that has any pictures (such as Baltimore, pre-1961 editions of My Catholic Faith, Fr. John Laux series, or even in other such places as old movies made before the 1960's and featuring the Mass or other Catholic public events (such as processions, etc.).  What you see in those is what the Church has been from quite literally the beginning, as founded by Jesus Christ and the original 12 Apostles in the Bible, and is what we "traditional" Catholics alone are today.  Yes, they called that Mass the tridentine Mass, not because it came from that time (it comes from the very beginning; St. Peter used it himself personally while in Rome), but when the Protestants (and even some Catholic clerics yielding to pressure from the Protestants) were beginning to distort and simplify and change the liturgy, the Pope of that time (during the Council of Trent, hence the name "tridentine" meaning from the time of Trent) captured and proclaimed what the Mass had always been and must always be, but it really was simply the Mass before the Protestants began distorting it (and with their distortions introducing many of the exact same changes as the modern identity thieves have also introduced since 1964).  The Mass is said in Latin, or (in the case of any remaining alternate Rites) in other ancient languages appropriate to the particular Rite and not in the ever-changing vernacular, so as to preserve with absolute care and precision the meaning of everything done and said and taught.  The Latin therefore unites all Catholics from all parts of the world in a single congregation truly worshipping together in one voice.
With so much taken from us, knowlege of us grows slowly, and many of us are still far too shocked and dismayed to be able to organize sufficiently to provide ourselves with a pope and many other things the Church is normally meant to have.  We traditional Catholics are the Church, and we alone have with us the papal chair (albeit presently unoccupied) while the identity thieves go through the motions of having someone they call a pope, and yet even they know they cannot follow the man they so designate as one should follow a real Catholic Pope.  They have the pretense, the show, and with that (for the time being) the numbers.  But we have the reality, the fulfillment of the Divine promises, the guidance and power and graces that alone work to bring souls to heaven.  To be a traditional Catholic is to be connected with thousands of years of holy Saints, Popes, Doctors, and Church Fathers, and with an extraordinary legacy that has its direct and organic origins in the historical Person of Jesus Christ, as mentioned in everyone's Bibles.

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