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QUESTION: Hello Griff, is it a sin to make profit?
If somebody's career is an antique dealer which revolves around buying old "stuff" and then selling it for more than they bought it for is this sinful?

Furthermore what if somebody were to buy a rare item, but the seller did not know it was rare. Is it then sinful to still buy it for the price he wants but then to go ahead and sell it for more money?

Thank you and God bless.

ANSWER: I have not heard that any of those things are a sin.  Only if you have information regarding an item for sale to the effect that it was stolen might there be a concern to see to it that it is restored to its owner, or due compensation to be given, and in such a case due compensation would be gauged to its true value (as best known).

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QUESTION: can anyone baptize someone?

Just about, in an emergency (one to be baptized is dying or about to die and wishes or has expressed a wish to be baptised, or is not likely to have access to a valid and lawful cleric to perform it within a reasonable period).  The restrictions are as minimal as possible.  The one doing the baptism need only be a human person physically present other than the one to be baptized, who has attained the use of reason, and is willing to perform this with the intention "to do what the Church does."  So this would exclude baptism performed by infants or mental idiots (in the medical sense), trained chimpanzies or other animals, robotic devices, anyone attempting it via remote control, anyone who might deliberately withhold a valid intention (e. g. someone who would rather see you burn in hell and is unscrupulous enough to go through the motions of the sacrament without any valid intention just to fool others), and finally the one performing the sacrament of baptism cannot be the one being baptized.
So while there are exceptions, it really can be performed by just about anyone, even by people who are themselves not baptized or don't believe the Faith.  Two pagans stranded together alone on a desert island could baptize each other, providing only that the information as to why and how to do it nevertheless finds its way to them and they choose to recieve it and the God it makes them partakers of.  Baptism, if at all desired, really must be obtained from the Church (by a cleric) if at all possible, or at least from anyone validly possible if a baptism by a cleric of the Church is not expected to be possible before the one seeking baptism will die; only if genuinely impossible does it become relevant to speak of Baptism of Blood (holy martyrdom of one not baptized in water) or Baptism of Desire (anyone choosing to be baptised but for whom no baptism is arranged or can be performed before death).

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