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QUESTION: Would it be considered sinful to Play sports or to watch movies on Sunday?

ANSWER: I would expect that "working" by playing at professional sports would come under the heading of "hard manual labor" and that would likely extend even to serious sports even on the High School or College level.  However, providing only that one's religious duties for the day have been fulfilled (or reasonably will be within the day, for example it's 8:00 and one plans to play ball for an hour or two before getting ready to go to Mass at 11:30), and we are just talking about going out to a nearby field with some friends to have fun, without anything to come of who wins and who loses, that would be absolutely fine (no serious competition, "for the record," or upon which consequential monetary or other "sports career advancement" results may depend).  Participating in an athletic non-productive activity is actually a commendable way to spend some portion of one's divinely-granted day off.
As to films, that too is generally fine, though the particular films viewed on a Sunday should have at least some sort of positive and uplifting or moral value to them, and avoiding (as always) the usual sorts of things that should always be avoided (nudity, obscenity, violence, etc.).  Once again, Sunday is a divinely-granted day off, so while some portion of the day must be devoted to prayer and worship etc., the remainder of the day is meant to be "fun" or "recreational" or "relaxing" etc.

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QUESTION: I always knew to stay away from immoral movies but i noticed you said to stay away from the violent ones. i know that this is true but would that include even a war movie where the "good guys win"? For example the movie "The Patriot" or the movie "Brave Heart" or something along those lines where there is violence but the cause in the movie is justified. Or is it just bad to watch any violent movies period?


Sorry I didn't make that clear.  By violence I mean merely "gratuitous" violence, people who shoot other people and then get away with it.  A realistic portrayal of violent events in which the persons killed are known and appreciated as individuals (such that their death is truly a shock instead of just some "stick figure" that just gets blown away, for example, for humorous purposes.

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