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Hi Griff,
I am very much enjoying your book, The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church and am wondering whether you are planning an update? To which website/blog/podcast should I best go to read more recent material from you?

My site, , is the main clearinghouse of my writings, containing many articles topically connected to the book, and also pointers to articles of mine as posted on another site operated by someone else (DailyCatholic), which are found in , and also I have had articles of mine published in "The Four Marks" from August 2009 to April 2014, some few of which have also been rehosted on DailyCatholic.
None of these are directly "continuations" or "updatings" to my book, though some few more current events do get covered, such as the Vatican election of Ratzinger and his Motu Proprio for example, but mostly these are more theological or devotional topics.
Since that time frame, I have been largely absorbed in a new literary project to provide the theological underpinnings of my book in an apologetic and apodictic form, the first part of which I am attempting to get reviewed, and a second part which I am soon embarking upon once the first part has been honed from any feedback as I can obtain.
At this time I am soliciting readers who are willing to provide detailed reviews and feedback, tell me what works and what doesn't, what is clear and what leaves one wondering what I mean, and any actual errors as may be detected.  I am seeking several different kinds of readers to be my reviewers, trained expert and seriously studious amateur, clerical and lay, and so forth, as would be willing to step through it in detail with me.  If you would be interested in helping me in this I can be contacted through the web page I gave above.

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I focus on the "why" and "how" questions of the Faith and one`s need for the Church to overcome sin, live the life God wishes us, and to become what God wants us to be. My areas of expertise are particularly in the areas of practical morality, theology, Scripture, history, and personal problems and dilemmas that people face. It is important to bring a sense of proportion to the recent and current ecclesiastical situation that makes necessary having to add the clarification "traditional" to "Catholic," for a "traditional Catholic" today is simply what anyone would have called a "Catholic" only 60 years ago, and so on clear back to the beginning. I seek to provide insight and information such that you are then able to see for yourself the answer to your questions. Homework problems and trivia questions may be refused, and I am not interested in using Allexperts as a debating forum.


Years of extensive research, thought, and prayerful meditation on many of the issues that trouble Catholics today, taught catechetical classes to teenagers and adults, answered many questions already as Allexperts volunteer in Catholics category.

Legion of Mary, Knights of Columbus

Book: The Resurrection of the Roman Catholic Church Articles published in: DailyCatholic, The Four Marks

I have an Engineering degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, however this obviously has extremely little bearing on my expertise here other than to document the level of my education in general.

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