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QUESTION: Hello good sir. I watch a lot of anime and read a decent amount of manga. I was wondering if it is sinful to do so and if so I cant imagine it could be considered mortally sinful correct? Thank you a lot and have a good Easter when it comes.

ANSWER: Morality connects to content, not style.  Anime is only a cartoon drawing style, originally favored in the Orient, but having become popular in many other places.  I have no idea what manga is.  Cartoons that portray nudity or salacious things or else advocate violence or hate or crime or religious error are always sinful, regardless of the drawing style used, whereas those that don't are morally neutral, or could even be praisworthy if used to advocate noble and high ideals and truth.

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QUESTION: Okay makes sense. I was wondering though what is wrong with watching violent things? Obviously not like gory horror movies and stuff but what if the violence is there to simply compliment the story or plot. If someone watches something violent than they might be tempted to sin violently. I know myself though and I know I would not give into any temptation like that. So is it just violence in general or just meaningless disgusting violence? One of my favorite shows is a show called "Attack on Titan" and the story line has humans fighting against these monsters because they are evil and they are trying to kill the humans. It is a pretty violent show. But its not just meaningless stupid violence. Its mostly self defense. So i don't really understand, were not allowed to watch anything violent? Thank you sir!

I didn't say that something violent can't be watched, only that pointless violence ends up being about the violence itself whereas some things could be about something else, to which the violence is merely incidental, or else the result of sin (as a moral lesson), or at least what must happen in at least some sense when there is sin.
I do recall an account from the ancient days of Christians and lions and Roman gladiators and so forth when the Church forbid the watching of the gladiatorial games.  There was this person who, following his conscience, refused invitations from friends and family to attend the viewing of such games.  But one day they finally prevaled upon him to come and see, and once he saw he was hooked, utterly forgetting his Christian obligations.  Anything that takes us from that is trouble, but if it doesn't then that would be something else, more a matter of individual conscience.  Observe its effects on you, regarding your spiritual duties.  If there is no impact, then fine, but otherwise then either limit it carefully or eliminated it, as situation warrants.
Hope this helps, sorry for the delay, God bless.

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