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I dont think I understand sin and divine providence. Is it that God does not CAUSE people to sin but rather works concurrently with it and orders it for his purposes. Or is there more to it than that?

God is not the author of sin, but He is the author of free will, which has so much to recommend it that it is even worth the risk (actualized by devils and demons and sinners) that the power of free will could be abused in the creation of evil and sin.  What many people find harder to understand is why it is that the sins of those individual persons who so choose to abuse their free will have to impact the rest of us; having made their wicked choice, can't they just stew in their own juice and leave the rest of us out of it?  But a free choice has little meaning if it cannot affect others.  He who is isolated so as to be unable to kill his neighbor is equally unable to give his neighbor a gift or any kindness.
God's Providence does often depend upon the free choices of people, such that where one is negligent or deficient in providing what is needed, another steps in and the need is met (but not always - think of when the ravens brought bread and meat to Elijah in the desert (1 (or 3) Kings 17:6)), or other more unlikely circumstances may occasionally arise where a genuine necessity exists.
It is also said that all things work together for the good of those who love God (Romans 8:28), and somehow that must even include all the sins of the sinners.  When other people fail us this forces us to grow, to learn how to forgive, to redeem our own sins by bearing the wrongs of others patiently, and so forth.  One truly has to wonder if a perfect and Edenic world would have ever produced any great saints, with no one having faced adversity, rebellion, the overcoming of sin, and so forth.  Heroic sanctity most amply demonstrates itself where sin has almost taken over yet the saint remains above it, preferring to die rather than to sin, and being thereby a great reproach to those who flow with the sin.
There certainly is more to it than this, but I hope it's enough to get you started.

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