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duncx wrote at 2009-06-14 13:41:16
just a thought but kind reminded me of the common man n his debt/ slavery to the nu world order,n doing business with but probably little known about that at the time, just a thought

Sparxx wrote at 2013-07-10 04:15:03
This is just how I interrupt the song, and it is nothing more than what I think the writer is trying to say. So it is about a few things, but mainly about the demise of the human race, there is also FAITH, Spirituality if you are believer and there is also the conspiracy angle, Think the Brandenburg group. There is also hope

So I will break it down for you a little...u can insert, whom you believe in instead of “God”...anyway

“I could make you scared, if you want me to, I'm not prepared, but if I have to”..This is God and though I don't want to but I can and will unleash mother nature.

“He said, I can make you scared, it's kinda what I do”... God said

“You're in Russia and more than a million works of art are whisked out to the woods So when Nazis, find the whole place dark, They'd think god's, left the museum for good” reference to the “Nazi Plunder”... In WW2 in Russia, “173 museums were found to have been plundered by the Nazis, with looted items numbering in the hundreds of thousands.” ww2 was the first true global war... So god is wondering just what the hell this foolish humans race, is ramping up to destruction of the globe and the human race, and we have God really scared with are actions towards each other and the environment around us.

“if you're prepared, if I have to” again god is saying if you humans don't act right, I will bring my wrath upon you.

"if I make you scared and you pay me to, if that's the deal, now here's what I can do for you"... think of the Billions mankind gives to religious organization globally, so the won't go to “hell”.. Keeping some humans in check, by scaring the hell out of them.

“Now there's a focus group, that can prove, this is all nothing, but cold calculation” ... That is for the conspiracy theories... example after WW2 a group called the League of Nations... made a country smack dab in the middle of a part of the world we now refer to as the “Middle East”... populated with decedents from Russia whom were victims of some of the most atrocious crimes of humanity, we now refer, to them as Jews... and then armed them. Funny it happens to be a place on the earth with the largest deposits of “Light Sweet Crude Oil”.. Some say that WW2 was created buy the rich and powerful, think of the Brandenburg group, the Royal descendents from Denmark, etc

Now there's a precious few, that can prove that at the root, This is all nothing but a cold calculation. Think of some of the brightest, astrophysicists, mathematician etc that PROVE it with science, but hey you can pretend to not believe...

“Clearly entranced, you're leaning back now, Defanged destroyer limps into the bay, Down at the beach”... “OK you made me scared, you did what you set out to do, I'm not prepared, really, had me, going there for a minute or two, He said, you made me scared too,” The bay of pigs, and when man kind was so very close to full scale thermal nuclear war.. SO God, is saying that was really close... so not cool. When he is speaking and saying “fully entrenched”... The cold war and no one wanted to fire the first salvo, because we all know that is the end of everything most of all mankind.

“I wasn't sure I was getting through” .. pretty self explanatory... Building Nukes, trashing the earth, global warming... etc

Just an interpretation, nothing more, nothing less.. “I gotta go, it's been a pleasure

doing business with you.”

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