Nicholas wrote at 2011-02-02 17:14:30
If you want something just as good as the FTM prosthetic website. Go to

These prosthetics are really amazing and are just as realistic as the ones from the other webiste only they are half the price. Its definitely worth a look.  

Ted wrote at 2014-01-10 03:30:33
If you don't have a credit card or don't want the purchase showing up on your account statements, you can always buy a pre-loaded credit card. You can get them at pretty much any major grocery store, retail store, or pharmacy. You don't need an ID to buy one and when you use it, you're not putting out any personal information.

Usually things like these are mailed in an inconspicuous plain package with nothing giving away what's inside, but you can always send it to a friend's house if you're worried about your parents opening it. (Just be sure to ask your friend if it's cool to mail it to their place first.)

You always have the option of making packers and stand to pee devices at home, too. An easy, inexpensive, real-feeling packer can be made out of condoms and hair gel. Just buy a box (or have a friend buy you the box if you don't have an ID) of UNlubricated condoms. Make sure they don't have any lubrication! Trojan makes them and they come in a red box. Just layer about 3 or 4 condoms and fill it with cheap hair gel. you can make balls with a few half filled condoms and tie the "package" together. When you're not wearing the packer, keep it in an old sock or something to protect it (and conceal it).

You can make an STP device with a medicine spoon. Just go to any pharmacy and ask if you can have a medicine spoon for you little brother or something and they'll almost always give you one for free. Just hold a lighter near the bottom tip (the part that holds the medicine, NOT the part that pours it) and kinda melt/ soften the plastic. Use scissors to cut the bottom tip off at a slant. Let it cool down and then go try it out. Take off your pants and socks (in case you have an accident) and hold the open pour spout against your privates. Point the bottom hole (where the pee comes out)down a little for better aim and go ahead and pee. Practice naked from the waist down or practice standing in the shower until you get good enough to where you don't drip and can use it in public.

There is a large FtM transgender community on YouTube, and they post some pretty amazing and informative videos. They document their journey on testosterone (T), they talk about top surgery, how to get on  T, finding the right binder, using STP/ packers, dating as an FtM, passing in public, etc. Just to start out, try watching some videos by Skylarkeleven. His videos changed my life!

Good luck!


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I am able to answer questions about transexual and transgender issues of many kinds, but in particular those tilted toward the FTM (Female-To-Male) transgender. I can offer tips for dressing, passing, binding, packing, behavior, and the like for both drag and full lifestyle/gender transition. I may also be able to offer some help with finding local peer groups, should you be interested in peer counseling. Sexuality issues, MTF (male-to-female), and other gender issues can also be touched on and I may be able to help, and for those who may be concerned, I am kink-friendly, and while I recognize that transgender and cross-dressing are two different things, am well aware of how they can intersect.

I am not a professional (I repeat: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL!) but I can also offer some general peer counseling suggestions and help with finding groups for all branches of gender identification and sexuality. If you are in need of finding a professional, I may be able to find a name in your area to help.


I am personally FTM transgender, living full-time and accepting of my gender identity. I am nonsurgical, and have no desire to have them done (so am unable to offer personal experience these) though I have been on testosterone as of January 2012. I am well-accepted, well-supported, and have been a support for many individuals through the years.

I have been part of a number of groups, though moving has kept discussions to long distance since then. I am well-studied for a great many years in this area, having begun reading up on it when I first identified and having kept up on it since then. I have no medical credentials in the area of gender counseling but have been part of multiple peer counseling groups and to this day help educate where I can, having not only helped with offering information on the subject to fellow transgender individuals but educated professionals along the way through my personal experience.

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