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Hi,so I am a straight male, but I constantly wonder what it is like to be a female, I am attracted to women but whenever I watch pornography or just women in general my mind first goes to I wonder what it would be like to be her having sex with that guy instead of being that guy, I constantly think about gender changing and read stories etc, as I said I am a straight male and have no attractions towards men(I do find penis attractive but the body no). So my question is what do you think this means, I am very confused as to why these thoughts are in my head so any advice would be awesome.

thank you

Dear Jordan:

You are a far better judge of yourself than I could ever be.

There is a huge difference between gender identity (male, female, etc.) and sexual orientation (heterosexual/bisexual/homosexual).  Sexual orientation is who you are attracted to in relation to your gender identity.  There are transwomen (male to female) who are only attracted to women.  The identify as lesbians.  Under their self-definition these women (who are in the process of or have transitioned) are homosexual.

You identify as straight and are attracted to women and occasionally visualize yourself in a sexually passive (recipient) female role.  In this situation, my read would be straight male having a rather typical fantasy (  

Only you know if your feelings or inclinations are stronger than wonder or fantasy.

I hope this helps.




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