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Heyyo. So after an intense bout of crying earlier this evening, I've decided that wallowing and being depressed is ridiculous and I'm ready to start doing something about this situation. I was DFAB, and I've since realized that I identify as agender rather than female. I'd still like to attempt a transmale transition, going on T and eventually lopping off the boobs, but I don't know where to start. Since coming out at fifteen, I've been to a couple therapists that didn't really do anything constructive. I emailed a specialized gender therapist and I'm waiting for a response. I assume that's the first step. Do you have any sort of advice as far as a timeline-type-thing would go?

Dear Syd,

Sorry to hear that you are depressed, but it sounds like you have a game plan.  Therapy is a good start.

The standards have changed over the years, so there's really no timeline per se.  The MDs still require letters from therapists, but I'm not sure that a specialized therapist is still required.  I can see your point in finding someone who has prior experience.  However, if the expense is too great, you can try to search out other services.  I find that the best resources tend to come by word of mouth. You might want to check out a local support group.

Florida is a large State, so it's difficult to try to help you find local resources.  Here are some potential starting places -

Many physicians follow the WPath standards. Here's where you can familiarize yourself with the current "Standards of Care".

If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to write.  There is also a "private" setting on this site, so feel free to send a private message.  

Best wishes,



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I can answer questions that pertain to transition, coming out, dating, surgical options, etc., related to FTMs (female to male) and genderqueer individuals with a masculine gender expression.


I'm FTM who started transition in 1991. I have published articles and have spoken at colleges and universities on being and living as a transgendered individual. I have also presented workshops at a variety of FTM/transgendered conferences including FTM Conference of the Americas (1995-1997), Southern Comfort (late 1990s) Forward Motion (1999), Gender Odyssey (2000, 2004), and Forge (2007). I was one of several organizers of the Forward Motion conference.

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"Transgendered Lust " appearing in From the Inside Out: Radical Gender Transformation, FTM and Beyond by Morty Diamond (San Francisco: Manic Press, 2004) A contribution to Bears on Bears by Ron Suresha (San Francisco: Alyson Publications, 2002); "Redemption" appearing in Best Lesbian Erotica, ed. Tristan Taormino (San Francisco: Cleis Press 2001); Best of the Best Lesbian Erotica 2 , ed. Tristan Taormino (San Francisco: Cleis Press 2004); originally appearing in Academy: Tales of the Market Place by Laura Antoniou (New York: Mystic Rose Books, 2000); Appearance in Transmen & FTMS: Identities, Bodies, Genders & Sexualities by Jason Cromwell (University of Illinois Press, 1999); "I Am Neither Man Nor Woman" Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue, ed. Leslie Feinberg (Boston: Beacon Press, 1998); "Holding My Breath Under Water" Looking Queer , ed. Dawn Atkins (Boston: Hayworth Press, 1998); "Boundaries: Gender and Transgenderism," The Second Coming , eds. Pat(rick) Califia and Robin Sweeney (San Francisco: Alyson Publications, 1996); and # "Packing, Passing & Pissing," Dagger , eds. Lily Burana, Roxxie, and Linnea Due (San Francisco: Cleis Press, 1994).

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