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Hello, I'm 3 months on testosterone and confused about a few things. I've been anal masturbating while stroking my growing cock but I noticed that when I orgasm my V is dry but there is a white sticky goo around the head of my cock, is that supposed to happen? Also I found out that when I rub the skin wall between my V and anus from the anus side if feels extremely good but I'm afraid that I'll hurt myself. That wall can't tear from anal play right? I would really appreciate if you can help me.

Dear Sakkun,

V dryness is normal.  The sticky white goo is more than likely discharge from your orgasms.  It would emanate from the urethral track and wind up around your cock due to the stroking.  If there is itching or you the consistency is less mucousy and more like "cottage cheese" like then it's probably a yeast infection that you should get checked out.

Use lubricant.  If you are using a finger to penetrate yourself, be sure that your nails are trimmed or better yet, put on a glove.  As long the angle that you are utilizing does not put pressure on the wall you should be fine.  In other words, if the penetration is along the anal canal as opposed to straight into the perineal wall you should be fine.   This site has a good diagram of the area.  Ignore the diagrams re vaginal prolapse as that refers to childbearing.

I have used some of the aneros toys that are available on this site.  They are shaped to stimulate the prostate.  While we don't have prostates, the area along the anal wall that you are describing provides pleasure.  Using a condom on the toy makes clean up easier.  I put down the pads that are used for urinary incontinence on the bed when I'm having sex with myself or anyone else.

Enjoy your body.  Explore it.  Learn what works for you.  Keep in mind that as your cock continues to grow what used to work may not work anymore and you will have to find a new technique.  It can be a bit frustrating in the beginning, but give yourself time.

Feel free to write if anything is unclear or you need rusher information.  




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