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Hello, I am a transgender woman with a question about breast growth on HRT. I have been taking hormones since February 8th 2016.

However my question here pertains to breast growth. I was wondering if you knew of any "breast enlargement creams" that may work. I am unsure of how to find legitimate sources. However I have seen positive results on many products, but felt I should get an expert opinion, unless you know of another source where I can get this information.

Any help, even sources you point out would be more than helpful.



This might be a bit outside my area of expertise, so I'm just going to give you my thoughts and feelings on the matter.

There are several breast creams on the market that claim they can enlarge the breast for both genetic females and trans-women. These creams claim to contain some forms of estrogen and other hormones that may be artificial or derived from plant products. How effective they are depends on the person, but I wouldn't put much faith in them. After all if there was a cream that could do this, it would be flying off the shelves and plastic surgeons would be out of a job.  

As you are already on HRT, I would consult your doctors before adding anything that might contain additional hormones. You don't know how they are going to react and could cause issues. As you are just starting your 4th month on HRT and I would expect you are starting to see the results they are doing to your body. The individuals I've known who have transitioned have taken years for the hormones to do their work, so give them some time. Your breast growth might not be obvious right now but in time they will develop. As far as what to expect... Those who start young, teens or early 20's, may eventually develop to be about equal to their female relatives. Those who are older tend to be about a cup size smaller. Most trans-women I've known have opted for breast enhancement after a few years of HRT. So consult with your doctor and let the hormones do their work.

I wish you the best with your transition, congratulations.

Cheryl H.  


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