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Dear Michael

Can it increase more security to the automobile by adding a electronic swipe card in the front door of the car similar to a ATM Card in a ATM Machine that unless and until the Pin Number - Password is not entered properly, the Car Door will not get opened.

The Electronic Swipe Card will be provided by the Car Manufacturer for every customer.

Electronic Display unit - Battery operated will be fixed on the Car Front Door along with the push buttons for entering the password code. The Electronic card
will be swiped by the Driver. If and only if the Password code is entered properly, then The Front Car Door will open.

Do you feel Car Thefts can be avoided by implementing Electronic Panel Display Unit ?.

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Prashant S Akerkar


ATM and other swipe cards used here in the United States are not very secure and highly susceptible to theft.  There are alternative technologies utilized in other countries, but I wouldn't trust a magnetic swipe card to secure my car.  Some luxury cars have utilized pin keypads for years, but I have no data on the effectiveness of these pads as a theft deterrent.  If a car thief really wants your car, I suspect there is very little that will really protect it.  

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