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Who has the right of way when reaching the end of a residential road to a main road and a pedestrian is approaching the edge of sidewalk before needing to cross the road. If I the driver was there first and already across where the sidewalk would be if it is were built across the road, am I in the wrong to push as far forward as needed to see oncoming traffic as the pedestrian isn't yet to the edge of the sidewalk?

Hi James,

The simple answer is, it depends.  Each state writes its own laws concerning motor vehicles.  Here in Pennsylvania, the law doesn't actually give anyone the right of way - it just says who must yield the right of way in a given situation.

As a general rule, big things are always supposed to yield to little things.  Ships yield the right of way to sailboats.  Airplanes yield the right of way to hot air balloons.  And cars yield the right of way to people.  If you are bigger, and an impact with something smaller could destroy it, you generally have to yield right of way.  It matters less who is there first than who is smaller and more vulnerable.  

For anything more specific, you would need to check your state's driver license handbook - you should be able to find a copy online at your state's DMV website.

Hope this helps!


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