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Hi Nilesh, my wife and I are leaving Pushkar on Sat 24 November for Nawalgarh. Our host in Nawalgarh said to catch the bus from Pushkar to Jaipur then change buses at the same bus station to Nawalgarh about 5 hours travel. Is there a bus website we could check the timetables for this trip? We travel most places by train and their timetables are very easy.
We are staying in Rajasthan for 3 months and are excited about this adventure.
Cheers John

Hi John,

Road transport in India comes under respective state governments. So I tried googling "rajasthan state transport timetable", "rajasthan bus schedules", "rajasthan road transport booking", "rajasthan bus online booking" and came up with a few websites. However, none of them inspired any confidence in me that would make me use their services to book tickets on them. seemed to have a service ( but when I queried for buses between Pushkar and Jaipur I didn't get any result. Maybe you could try contacting them over phone or on email and see what they have to say.

My advice would be for you to make enquiries while you are in Pushkar about how you can get from there to Nawalgarh via Jaipur. Local shops catering to tourists like you might be able to give you more authentic information and may possibly inspire more confidence than a government website.

This is the best I can do given that I have myself never travelled on this route by bus although I have been to Jaipur.

Have a great trip of India and enjoy yourselves.

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