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Would you happen to know of good sites I can download street maps of various areas of Delhi/Connaught? I am having trouble understanding what many of the terms mean--Ganj, Patel, Marg, -shwar, -put

Hello Amy,

There is no single site that can provide you such maps. The best way is to use Google Maps and Wikimaps, and also consult GPS if you need to find your way.

Let me explain the meanings of above words:

1. Ganj: (like Paharganj, Patparganj etc in Delhi)
This is suffixed with the names of small towns in the countryside in North India. It is also used for certain localities or neighbourhoods of an urban area in a big city like Delhi or other North Indian cities. It is something like borough (Canada, UK), burgh (Scotland), burg (Germany), ville (France) etc. Other variations of "ganj" are "nagar" and "shehar" (Patel Nagar, Kamla Nagar, Nehru Nagar)

2. -Marg:
Marg stands for "road", "street" or "avenue". Like Bathurst Street, Bayview Avenue, Palmerston Boulevard or Vaughan Road (all in Toronto), in Delhi you'll find Nelson Mandela Marg, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Copernicus Marg etc. Other variations of "marg" are "path", "sadak" etc (like Rajpath, Janpath, Nai Sarak)

3. -Pur: (like Timarpur, Azadpur, Mohammedpur etc in Delhi)
This is suffixed after the name of a smaller habitation like a village or a neighbourhood in an urban area like Delhi. "Puram" and "Puri" are other variations of "pur" (RK Puram, Indirapuram, Janakpuri etc, all in Delhi). This is something like "cester", "ford", "ton" or "kirk" in Britain (Gloucester, Leicester, Broughton, Sandford etc).

4. Patel is the surname of one of India's greatest leaders, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. A number of places have been named after him like Sardar Patel Marg (a road), Patel Chowk (a neighbourhood), Patel Nagar (a locality) etc.

You will need some time to get familiar with all these terms. You'll find many more such terms in every part of India, owing to the huge linguistic and cultural diversity. Let me quickly summarize a few things for you:

- Ganj, Nagar, Pur, Puram, Puri, Sarai = Suffixed after the name of a town or neighbourhood
- Marg, Path, Sadak = suffixed as a separate word after the name of a road/street
- Chowk, Chauraha = refers to a road junction where a habitation has emerged

Hope this helps. Have a great time exploring this great city!


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