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Travel in India/honeymoon in mid july


I am getting married in june so will be planning honeymoon in mid july. My budget will be around 50,000. Please suggest me a good option.

ANSWER: Hello Abhijeet,

You haven't specified your present location, preferences or tastes and therefore, your question becomes very general. I'll try to give you some options.

The west coast has plenty of destinations like Munnar and Coorg which young couples and visit. But July would be a wet season. Therefore, only if you enjoy rains, I would suggest you to go to Coorg and spend a week or so. You can also pay a visit to Udupi and enjoy the fabulous beaches over there, as a part of the same trip.

If you don't like rains, then you may go to Pondicherry. It is very calm, serene and beautiful and shall allow you enough privacy and quiet. If you would like to visit the mountains instead, then go to Dalhousie in Himachal or Pahalgam in Kashmir. Pahalgam is probably the most beautiful hill station that I know of and you'll get to enjoy your honeymoon in the lap of nature, with minimal tourists around.

If you want to slightly stretch your budget (say, Rs 60000), the best place to go would be the Andaman islands. A weeklong stay in one of the remote islands like Havelock, Sentinel, Baratong etc can probably be the best way to spend your honeymoon.

My personal preference is (in decreasing order), Andaman, Coorg, Pahalgam, Dalhousie, Pondicherry.

See what suits your taste, and decide accordingly. Let me know if you need further details.

Bon voyage!

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QUESTION: Hello again,
I am from pune and will prefer air travelling from pune or mumbai. We seek a place where rain won't spoil our honeymoon so please suggest accordingly. And is Andaman good to visit in july ?

Hi Abhijeet,

In that case, you shouldn't think about Andamans or Coorg as they would be experiencing heavy rains.

I would suggest Pahalgam, Dalhousie or Pondicherry, if you want to avoid rains as much as possible. Choose the former two if you prefer mountains, and the latter if you'd like to be near sea.

Pahalgam and nearby areas can keep you occupied for a week within this budget. Dalhousie and Pondicherry would be slightly cheaper. Each of the three places is quieter, pretty and very beautiful to be an ideal honeymoon destination.

If you opt for Pahalgam, do try to go before the Amarnath yatra begins, as there would be too much rush thereafter.

In each case, some bus travel would follow the air journey.

Bon voyage!

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