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QUESTION: HI Abhishek,

I want to explore more and more places to go out for a weekend with my wife (as a couple), can you suggest best options available as per your knowledge?


ANSWER: Dear Anubhav,

There are a number of places around Delhi that you can visit over the weekends. You final choice (and my final list of suggestions) would strongly depend on your specific tastes, the weather/season, distance from Delhi, number of days at your disposal, your mode of conveyance etc.

But since your question is very general, I'll try to frame a general answer. Here is a list:

1. Asola Bhati wildlife sanctuary. Near Suraj Kund (Faridabad border), essentially a one day trip, best if you have a private vehicle. You'll find some nice forests, hilly terrain and a good number of interesting birds and animals.

2. Sariska, near Alwar, a two day trip. Private vehicle recommended. Tigers, other wildlife and some forts etc.

3. Bhangarh, near Dausa in Rajasthan. A one or two day trip, can be combined with Alwar. Haunted ruins of a massive fort, a very interesting place to visit. Private vehicle necessary.

4. Deeg and Mathura, a one-two day trip to the temples of Mathura and the beautiful palaces of Deeg. Private vehicle recommended. Trip to Deeg would be an amazing journey through rural UP and Rajasthan, and you may visit Alwar on your way back.

5. Bharatpur bird sanctuary, a two day trip, can be combined with a trip to Fatehpur Sikri. Visit when the weather isn't hot, and enjoy the best in the nature and architecture.

6. Rishikesh, white water rafting and other activities, a weekend trip.

7. Sohna, a one day trip to Sohna, just outside Gurgaon. A natural hot water spring, some very well maintained parks and the Aravalli hills, all very close to Delhi. If you contact National Adventure Foundation, you may get to do some parasailing beside the nearby Noohu road.

8. Neemrana fort, a day trip, a resort known for some well maintained forts and significant adventure activities, can be combined with a visit to Sariska or Alwar or Bhangarh.

9. Himachal Pradesh: on a weekend, you can visit places in lower Himachal like Dharampur, Solan, Renuka lake etc. Leave on Friday night and be back on Monday morning. Plenty of time to enjoy the pine scented forests, walks on the Kalka-Shimla railway track and terraced fields.

Huh, long list! I guess this would suffice for the next few months. There is so much to see in Delhi itself, and then there are Agra and Jaipur, about which you'll find plenty of information elsewhere. Try to avoid Rajasthan during the summer months.

Bon voyage!

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QUESTION: Dear Abhishek,

Thanks for your reply. A couple of places i didn't know were actually can be explored among the places you have mentioned. I actually wanted to in the month of June and i am still deciding on the destination. Actually i am also thinking to might visit Goa in the 1-2nd week of June, as there might be per-monsoon, less crowded and pleasant. What do you suggest? I'll be traveling with my wife, and since Goa is little expensive, so we might plan to take a Rajdhani train or similar for the same.

For June temperatures what would you suggest? Shall traveling Goa would work?


Hi Anubhav,

If you plan to Goa, then definitely do that before the arrival of monsoons there. Once the Monsoon strikes the peninsula, there would be huge waves near the Goan coast and the sea experience won't be good. Therefore, keep track of the Met department announcements.

Taking Rajdhani is the best way, but you'll need to book early. You can book now and wait for mid June. If monsoons are still some time away, you can go ahead with the journey or else cancel the ticket.

In the latter case, go to the mountains. As I suggested, Solan, Shimla Narkanda, McLeodganj etc will be good and affordable options in this season. Choose of the hill stations and enjoy the trip.

Bon voyage!

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