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Travel with Pets/Requirements to bring my dog into Kuwait


alex wrote at 2010-12-24 19:47:40
PAWS Kuwait is doing great job on import/export of pets to Kuwait. You can contact them on the following page:

Cathy wrote at 2013-03-28 10:35:43
What Jerry says is true, even 3 years later in 2013.  When I first came to Kuwait, I did everything both embassies told me to do.  When I landed, I almost didnt get my dog in because I didnt have a yellow piece of paper from the MINISTRY OF AGRICULTURE in Kuwait.  I went to IVH and was charged 30KD (about 100 US) to get paperwork processed.  When I lived here a year and began to travel back, I went to the Ministry myself and was charged 4KD.  So, convenience is costly here in Kuwait, which is one reason I started helping folks like you not be taken advantage of.  ~Cathy.

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