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I like to ask what are the requirements to ship my Adult Japanese Spitz from Philippines to Massachusetts. I am in F-1 Visa and I am planning to get work permit after graduation. My dog is looking for me everyday and misses me and I miss her too. I want to move her to MA. Does she needs pet passport or something to come here. I will use my money to get her here.
Another question is that how much does it cost to ship a dog from Philippines to Massachusetts? I know it's more expensive than humans.
I am willing to take care of her while she's here at MA and she will love it here.
Please help me with this problem and thank you

Coming into the USA is quite simple as far as health requirements and paperwork. But the biggest issue is trying to find someone to ship her to you. If you can go and bring her back with you it is the easiest and cheapest way. Since you would be on the same plane she would travel as excess baggage. If you are not on the plane and a family is shipping her to you, they will find they may not qualify. Most airlines require pets coming into the usa alone to be tendered to the airlines by a known pet shipper since they worry about security issues since 911. Know pet shippers know this and they charge a lot...So the only requirements are a health certificate by a licensed vet the health certificate must show current vaccines and that your dog is free of Screworms. Other than that there is not much more required. Hope this helps.

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