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Hi, I wish to travel to Cadiz Spain. I am leaving Malta to Madrid by flight on the 19th January 2013 and arrive at the Madrid Airport terminal 1 at 16.40Hrs. I want to take a train to Cadiz Spain can you direct me please.

I will be leaving Cadiz to Madrid on the 5th February 2013 and want to be at the Madrid airport terminal 1 at 08.00 I want to take a train from Cadiz to Madrid Can you help please

Hello Raymon

At Barajas T1 you have metro station and buses to get to Atocha. Also you could move to T4 with BAirport Buses and take there a commuter train (called Cercanias)that would get you to Atocha in about 15minutes.

People prefer Metro option, because is easier to navigate, and more if you arrive to T1.
By Metro get L8 at Aiportt to NuevosMinisterios, then L10 heading to Tribunal station then L1 to Atocha Renfe (not just Atocha)

there are scalators  and elevators in L8 and L10, but at tribunal you need to get several scalators and then a few stairs to get to L1 platforms, a bit unconfortable to do with luggage.

tickect will cost 5euros

takes 45minutes. Leaves you in Atocha Renfe, near the platforms of commuter trains, the platforms for long distance trains are ahead, by the tropical gardens inside the old station.

By bus, with special service Airport-Atocha
takes 40 minutes  with normal traffic, cost 5euros.

From T4, commuter trains,
you have a train every 30 minutes, and takes 26minutes to get to Atocha.
But i think that due to the frequency of 30 minutes and the time needed to get the bus from T1 to T4 overall time could be around 45minutes. Cost 2,45 euros.

I don't expect traffic problems on saturday around 17h, so bus express is the best option in this case, and you will see some of Madrid while travelling. Metro is the other option is not bad.

For the train cadiz-Madrid, seems that there are not schedules for 5th of february yet, but looking in some other days in january, you can't get a train to get to the aiport at 8h. You will need to travel the day before.
çby bus, you have a night bus Cadiz-Madrid (schedules not loaded yet for february but i have been looking a tuesday in january)
23:25- CADIZ 07:25 - MADRID
You will arrive to Madrid-Estacion sur autobuses, and will need another 45minutes to get to the airport by metro or commuter train.

a bit risky in my opinion.
If you may travel the day before would be the best option here.

i hope this helps a bit.  

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