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I'm planning a vacation to Spain in a few months and I want to know what are some romantic things to do throughout the valacian community. I'm a big history buff so I'm planning on renting a car and seeing all the historic landmarks. But for my girlfriends sake I want to make this the most romantic trip as possible. I'm planning on going thru most of the province so if there's any area in particular time and travel won't be a problem. So what are so what are some romantic attractions in the Valacian commuinity?

Hello Victor

It's been a bit difficult for me to select a place as romantic or, interesting but not romantic...

I would say romantic may be places of historical interest, not crowded, charming ambient..
In this category we have for sure:
Peñiscola and Morella, both may be done even as daytrip from valencia by car. I have done it but missed to get into the castle of Morella as i arrived too late. I visited first Peñiscola and that was my mistake, also started a bit late in the morning. Then can be done first Morella then Peñiscola. Or do in several days adding some other intersting towns around Morella.

Depending on the dates of the year, attending to some moor and christians parade can be considered romantic as well. Several towns in valencia and Alicante has some important, specially at Alcoy

some other places of interest to visit that may fit into romantic:
Alcoy, Elche palm tree park, Denia

Routes by car:
A route to Teruel and albarracin, hidden to mass tourism, these can be considered romantic, Teruel with the history of two lovers and albarracin for one of the prettiest towns of spain.
You could follow your route and do Cuenca and Ciudad encantada, but not as a daytrip from Valencia.
also interesting, Segorbe, Rubielos de Mora and Mora de Rubielos

I hope this helps a bit.  

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I live in Madrid,and travel frequently to Valencia. I have also travelled to many places all over spain, if haven't been there i'd try to help anyway providing my knowledge and links. I enjoy trekking in the mountains, and know pyrinees, Picos de Europa and mountains in the center.

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