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dear sir, we are planning a september holiday and starting our trip in santander and would like to go by train to tarragona. so far I cannot find any web site offering train services from north to the east coast. could you give some advice what to do? thank you very much

Hello Luise

The only train operator all over Spain is Renfe.

From santander there is no direct train to the east coast and the renfe site offers trains with connection in Madrid. For Tarragona destinations that means a lot of km more than neccesary.

From Bilbao there are direct trains to east coast, two daily,and one os sundays,  the schedule may change a bit in september, but keeping some trains for sure.
  00433 ALVIA    06.40    12.36    5 h. 56 min.          Consultar y comprar    Ver    Ver
  00437 ALVIA    15.28    21.26    5 h. 58 min.          Consultar y comprar    Ver    Ver

destination is Camp Tarragona station, located well outside the city of Tarragona giving service to new high speed rains and some others as these from Bilbao. From there you could take a local bus or taxi to your final destination.

Santander-Bilbao may be done either by bus or by train with Feve. Feve are narrow tracks trains a bit slow and with many stops, for local services mainly in the north coast of spain and that has been integrated recently into Renfe.

There is not english version for this page of Feve
trains for a working day in january
  Santander    08:00    Bilbao    10:45    02:45
   Santander    14:00    Bilbao    16:45    02:45
   Santander    19:00    Bilbao    21:45    02:45

Bilbao station is Bilbao-Concordia, side by side with  Bilbao-Abando for the train to Tarragona
Santander station seems to be the same as for the other renfe trains.

I recommend using bus to get to Bilbao instead, with Alsa, cheap and much faster. Plus you have many more services daily
check it at the Alsa site
from 6,35euros and takes 1h30 arriving to Bilbao bus station Termibus, then need a short taxi ride or take Matro to bilbao-Abando.

I hope this helps.  

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