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Dear Victor Diaz
Kindly tell me which Spanish newspaper or magazine is released in internet in Spanish and English so that i can study and match the sentences and their translated equivalents.
thank you
Mehrdad Shamsara

Hello Mehrdad

El Pais has a section in english some srticles may found also in spanish, but not at the same time, but from some hours ago. This is one of the most important spanish newspapers.

in this site you will find a list of the national and regional newspapers

another regional newspaper with english edition
from Costa del Sol, Malaga

I hope this helps a bit  

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I live in Madrid,and travel frequently to Valencia. I have also travelled to many places all over spain, if haven't been there i'd try to help anyway providing my knowledge and links. I enjoy trekking in the mountains, and know pyrinees, Picos de Europa and mountains in the center.

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