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Hello Victor,
I will arrive to Madrid Barajas airport on the 23rd of June, and i need to get to Almeria on the same day. I know that i must buy the tickets from renfe website to get better prices, but the website is very complicated and it's mostly in Spanish. If i buy the tickets upon my arrival from the airport, will i miss buying it for a good price? Also, i am a student, and it's my first time in Spain, so how do i get from Barajas airport to the nearest train station, and what is its name?
Thank you.

Hello Nadine

Yes de Renfe site is complicated even for us.
Here is the link to a forum post where a forumer explains step by step how to purchase tickets on the renfe site, and it's up to date

It's cheaper purchasing in advance because there are offers that aren't normally at the ticket office. You can still get the tickets at the station or at the renfe office in the Barajas airport. Yes you will probably miss a good price.

I have searched trains for day 23 and there is only one (i'm not surprised because is not a service with high demand, train to Almeria)
the cheaper is 18,50 but takes 6h20

 TALGO 00276    08.00    14.22    6 h. 22 min.

Departure is from Chamartin and has a stop also in Atocha bypass station before leaving to Almeria.

But it's too early in the morning, unless you arrive on the previous day by night i doubt you will have time to get the train.
If you think you can get in time ask me again and i give you all the details to get to Chamartin station, it's important to know which terminal of Barajas airport you will arrive.

Another options to get to Almeria,
by plane, only regional branch of Iberia, air nostrum, flies from Madrid, seeking at the iberia site you ahve two flights in the morning, a bit expensive, 196 €, but much faster.
9:10 Madrid (MAD)   10:15 Almería (LEI)    1h: 5m   IB8594
13:20 Madrid (MAD)   14:25 Almería (LEI)    1h: 5m
Pro: you are already in the airport and it was an option to consider
Cons: expensive

by bus, with BusBam
Madrid          09:30 15:00   17:00   23:00   23:59
Almería (Estación)   16:30   21:45   23:30   05:45   06:30

MADRID - ALMERIA  565km cost 27,50euros

you can purchase in advance with movelia (a site for bus tickets, the busbam site redirects here when you click on purchase on line)
the good news is that it is in english too
after searching for madrid-almeria final price is 28,17 vat included, may be in the busbam site prices were without vat or they add an small fee.

Departure station is Estacion sur autobuses

If you choose this option you can ask me how to get there from the airport.

I hope this helps.  

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