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Hi Victor
You kindly helped me before and I was hoping you might be able to help again.  Have you any ideas what sort of cost a taxi would be at the beginning of October to get from Murcia airport to Cabo roig or La Zenia.
You informed me before that there are no buses direct from Murcia to La Zenia but can you advise me of the next nearest town that i could get to via bus from Murcia that i could then catch a bus from to get to La Zenia or Cabo roig.  I think i have an old bus time table and the link no longer works.
Many thanks

Hello Gemma

I have serached again as i have no idea of the cost of a taxi for this route.

i have found this site that could be interesting

Taxi information at the spanish airport site
torrevieja is about 50euros, La Zenia is close to Torrevieja so you can expect a taxi to cost that, i don't know if that includes the airport tax and suitcase tax. (all legal)

Also found this thread in tripadvisor, though they talk about Murcia city not Murcia-San Javier airport which is far from Murcia city.

schedules of costa azul, as you know this seems to pass by La Zenia, Torrevieja-Mil Plameras

in spanish, the version in english is not as complete, use google translator
says that Murcia airport to Torrevieja (and from there to La Zenia) is not recommended as it involves using two differetn lines and takes more than an hour.
bus to Santiago de la Ribera first and then bus to Torrevieja with CostaAzul

Your options are
go to the taxi stop in the ariport, ask to the first taxi in the queue how much cost to La Zenia 'cuanto cuesta a La Zenia?' and depending on the price, if it fits your budget it could be a good option. If he tolds you more than 50euros, then i think is not a deal and better use the bus combination or get a taxi to San Javier and then the bus to torrevieja

from there another bus to La Zenia or a taxi.
Seems that next nearest town with buses to Torrevieja is San Javier.

i hope this helps a bit, i recommend you to ask in the forums of tripadvisor and wait for the help of some local.  

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