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I am from Singapore. A country that always has high temperarure and humidity which i do not like actually. My family and I will be visiting Spain and Portugal next month. I am just wondering whether will it be cold during this December month.

We are not too sure what sort of clothing need to bring as I understand that the temperature will range from high 12 degree to 5 degree in Spain.

Do we need to bring along winter clothing or thick sweater and gloves just in case it gets colder?
Really appreciate your reply so that we do not want to disappoint ourselves bringing less clothing's with us.

Thank you.


Hello Jeannie

It will be cold, but  not too much and temperatures the more to the south the milder they are. Also slightly better by the mediterranean coast
In Madrid and the central plateau, it's at a higher elevation and has a mediterranean-continental climate, with cold winters and low humidity.

With the weather you can't be always sure, last year i remember it was rainy and not very cold, when normally in december and january it's dry and cold, specially at night with some nights with temperatures below zero.

My recommendation, yes a winter coat, not need to be a very good coat, take with you a sweater, not necessary to be really thick, a pair of gloves may be also ok, if you have already one pair, else wait and see how is the weather when you arrive, if you need one you may buy a cheap pair of gloves at any clothing store. Remember also that most places have heating, hotels of course, and you need to dress with layers and remove some when you enter in buildings.
Snow: it rarely snows in december, in madrid for example snows two or three days per winter,and normally the snow lasts only a few hours in the ground before it melts or it's washed away by rains.

In the south of spain you will find  warmer temperatures, a good time of the year to visit andalucia. Granada is at higher altitude and near the highest peaks of iberian penninsula, and its colder than the rest of Andalucia, similar to Madrid.

The north coast climate is atlantic, similar to france. Mediterranean coast has higher humidity and  it's not too cold.

Remember that you can buy any clothing you need in spain/Portugal without spending too much money.
but you can bring
t shirts as underwar,+ long sleeve shirt + jersey (not necessary to be really thick) + coat (not neccesary to be really thick)
The jersey or coat may be not necesary in the med coast or the south of spain in normal conditions.

check weather forecast in spain, official weather agency
7 days forecast by locations, for example, madrid

i hope this helps a bit.  

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