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QUESTION: Is it ok to book for train travel with Rail Europe World, or can I go directly to Spain's Railway for tickets?  Thank you. Dottie

ANSWER: I'm not exactly sure where you are coming from on this one.

However, provided you have a suitable and acceptable means of payment, there is nothing to stop one from going to, selecting the English, (or stay on the Spanish language site if you speak Spanish) and booking your tickets online.

You may also use to book tickets and indeed, you may get certain deals with this site that you do not get from the other.

Have a look at Benny Malaga's very useful page here:

Its up to you really.

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QUESTION: Thank you and I looked at Benny Malaga's site.  I wanted to know if Rail Europe World was reputable.  I was hearing bad things about it on Trip Advisor.  I already sent in my review of your response, which of course was excellent.

Thank you for your comment.

I always prefer to purchase tickets for bus and rail from the national in country site, if I can.

Usually, it avoids paying extra commission and it come straight from the horse's mouth so to speak.

However, in Europe I am lucky. I speak French and Portuguese well and can get by buying stuff in German, Dutch, Spanish and Italian. I also have a very little Romanian.

So I am comfortable in Europe dealing with the local agencies.   

I often feel that there is a lot of distrust of national agencies in Europe when the speaker only has one language. That's where outfits like Rail Europe etc. come in. However, it also allows for errors to enter the process.

If one can, it's much better to book directly, in my opionion.  

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