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Hello, I want to travel from Jerez de la Frontera to Morocco. I know there is a ferry available yet I am so confused about the information. Can you please give me a guide? Thank you!

Hello Tammy

You have several ferries from Algeciras harbour to Tanger (Morrocco)

With Acciona-Transmedietarranea, searching in a random day you have 5 ferries daily, takes 30minutes and cost about 18euros.
When you have a popup to choose routes, they show mediterranean routes first, choose south straits routes and then algeciras-tanger med

A random sarch with FRS results in 5 daily ferries and cost around 22euros.

Now, to get to Algeciras from Jerez, train is not an options as you would need  to change trains in bobadilla or Cordoba as there is no direct link, this means 2hours or more to get by train.
Buses with comes, one service daily at 21h!!
as part of the route sevilla-la linea

Linesur was the other bus company doing routes in this area but seems that last frebuary the regional gobernment retired the ownership of these route to Linesur and give them to other company as linesur seems that was giving a poor service. So i can't find now if there exists routes jerez-algeciras.

The most complex part of your trip is getting to Algeciras, looks like you will need two hours to get there and finally use trains, two trains.
The train and bus station in Alogeciras are close to the port, so there is not a big difference in using bus or trains.

i hope this helps a bit.  

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