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Dear Victor, I am 65 years old and will be holidaying next March for 25 days with my daughter who is 25 years old. We are Australians and fly into Madrid & Toledo (5 days) and also want to see, Granada(2 days), Seville (2 days), Valencia (3 days), Salamanca (2 days), Bilbao (2 days) and Barcelona (4 days). I have included how many days I feel we should spend in each city. This allows for 5 days for travelling.
In what order to you think we should see these cities. We would prefer to travel by AVE train and by bus but I realise we might have to fly once or twice. We are interested in history, art, architecture, flamenco, food and natural landscapes.
Thank you for giving your time to answer our questions

Hello Bob
Your itinerary is quite complete

Starting in Madrid
5 days for Madrid, including one day for Toledo, consider also one day for Segovia, better if you can borrow some time from other city or leaving late in the day that gives you almost one day extra in Madrid.
It's a good place for Flamenco, but you could experience it better in Granada or Sevilla, and a very good place for Art.

Salamanca is a bit out of your way as it's not in the route to Bilbao. I have visited Salamnca about three times, always as a daytrip from Madrid but with my own car. Doing it with public transport is another story and unless you take a very early bus or train it's going to be difficult to do as daytrip.
Check AvanzaBussite for buses
i have check it, can be done, leaving at 8am for example, you'll arrive at 10am, and could return about 19h. I think is ok to for visiting salamanca and still staying in Madrid.

from Madrid move to Seville. By train with high speed.
2 days may be not enough, i would add one day more to do a daytrip to Cordoba, it's highly recommendable and a typical daytrip form Sevilla. (by train, high speed).

From Sevilla to Granada (train or bus). If you have more time you could do a daytrip to Ronda. (by train)

Once in Granada, you could fly to Barcelona, but then you will skipping Valencia. Granada Valencia has not a very good connection by public transport. Check trains and buses with alsa
but it takes about 8h

Valencia: 3 days are too much, take just two days, even with only one night. Enoug for the center, cathedral, silk echange, etc. and half day for CAC (city of arts and science) area, entering only in the oceanografic, the rest just from outside.
Try Paella.

Valencia-Barcelona: by train.
Barcelona: 4 days, you can add a daytrip probably, consider Tarragona or Girona+Figueres(dali museum).
Barcelona-Bilbao: by plane or train.
Bilbao is a city of just one thing , the guggengheim, does it worth the trip? not in my opinion but if you are in modern art then it may worth, and you also are insterested in food, the Bilbao is a good choice. The city has improved a lot from the times where it was known to be one of the worst cities in spain becuase of the heavy industry in the city, most of it removed or just closed, and now is not that bad, but secondary destination in my opinion.

Bilbao-Madrid: by train, cosidering you leave spain from Madrid.

Food: Tapas in Madrid, Sevilla... called Pintxos in Bilbao. Paella in Valencia or any specialized place in any other destiantion.
Flamenco:Madrid, Sevilla or Granada
Natural Landscapes: the landscapes you may see when travelling from one place to another.Example:
Halfdaytrip to Montserrat while in Barcelona.
Segovia by bus instead by train.

Other options for your travel, explore them to see if they fit your budget and shcedules:
----Second option:
Madrid-Granada first instead of Sevilla, then granada-sevilla then fly sevilla-Valencia. The rest as the firs option.

--Third option
Madrid-Granada first instead of Sevilla, then granada-sevilla then fly sevilla-Bilbao.
Bilbao-Barcelona, Barcelona-Valencia, Valencia-Madrid.
This is a very insteresting option but the plane sevilla.bilbao is a bit expensive. consider this serously.

i hope this helps.

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