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QUESTION: Hello - I have to be in Barcelona in mid March and would like to go on for a holiday walking in a sunny part of Spain. I'm attracted to 2 areas: La Alpujarra and Sierra de Grazalema. I have two questions: Which area is likely to have the better weather at that time of year? If I choose La Alpujarra, is it best to be located in the southern part of the mountains for sunnier weather, and if so, what villages would be recommended?
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ANSWER: Hello Mara

LA Alpujarra should have better weather in that time of the year because of the location and orientation. Grazalema it's not as high but much more exposed to rains.

Visit the recommended villages in that web site (official tourism site of andalucia), i can't add any more, that's what i would visit.

i hope this helps.

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QUESTION: Dear Victor,
Thank you very much for your helpful answer. Now I have another couple of questions for you:
1) Which area of Barcelona is best to stay in to enjoy the sights but which is also quiet and secluded? I want to make sure I get a good nights sleep and I'm a light sleeper!
2) My son wants to explore the area beyond Barcelona and do some outdoor activities. Is there a particular place you would recommend at that time of year (early March)?

By the way, I live in Wales, and if you ever have any questions about visiting my country, I'll be happy to help you!

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Hello Mara, i would chhose the Eixample area, stay far from ramblas, and specially raval part of the old center. Then in eixample area, you may be to walk distance from the center and other sights or at least at a short metro ride distance. Even there may be some noisy streets and some quiet, i cannot help with that as it's out of my knowledge. You could try tripadvisor for hotels reviews and forums.

2- it's many years since the last time i went to barcelona and my knowledge is very limited now, as 'outdoor' activities i can recommend only visit nearby Montserrat, or a visit to Tarragona. Depend on their interest there is Port Aventura near Tarragona. i don't know if it's easy to get there from barcelona without a car and if it will be open in the dates of your travel.

I hope this helps a bit.

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I live in Madrid,and travel frequently to Valencia. I have also travelled to many places all over spain, if haven't been there i'd try to help anyway providing my knowledge and links. I enjoy trekking in the mountains, and know pyrinees, Picos de Europa and mountains in the center.

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