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QUESTION: We want to travel with our 2 year old to see snow at a place where we get an olde town holiday feel.  The one where you can go for a sleigh ride?

Any suggestions?

ANSWER: I'll be glad to consider your question, but you'll need to give me a bit of information as to where in the world you live and how far you want to travel.

Sue Jackson

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QUESTION: We live in Texas and would be interested in a U.S. destination.  we are ok with flying.

Dear Dee -

Probably your best bet is to go to a family-oriented ski resort, even if you are not interested in actually skiing.  These resorts offer sleigh rides, like you mentioned, and lots of other family activities in addition to skiing.  Most of them also offer kids' programs and daycare, in case you and your spouse want to try skiing or other winter sports.  My family went to a ski resort when I was 8 years old and my sister was just 2.  She enjoyed the daycare/kids' activities while we learned to ski (none of us had ever skiied before), plus we did lots of stuff all together, like a sleigh ride and horseback riding in the snow. Most ski resorts also offer sledding which you could do with your 2-year old.

Here is an article on family-friendly ski resorts all over the US:

Note that this article mentions that there are sleigh rides available in the town of Jackson, WY, so if you'd rather skip the ski resort, you could just stay in town.  Jackson is right near Grand Tetons National Park, another wonderful sight to see in winter.

And here's another article about nearby Yellowstone in the winter:

Here's a place in Illinois for tobogganing, though it doesn't mention any other activities like sleigh rides:

Here's a town in California that specializes in winter fun:

So, I hope that gives you some ideas. There are many, many choices for winter fun - this is just a sampling.  if you decided which part of the country you want to visit, then you can search for destinations (type in the state plus "winter fun" or "winter vacation" or similar key words).  If you're trying to choose among several resorts, check to see how focused they are on family and family-friendly activities.

Have fun deciding where to go and have a great trip!

Sue Jackson

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